Be There – Grief Counseling Program

The New York Life Foundation has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help Clubs provide a supportive environment for grieving children and their families and help build the skills they need to thrive.

According to a recent survey conducted by the New York Life Foundation:

  • Childhood bereavement has enduring impact, but support is short-lived: Americans who lost a parent growing up say it takes six-plus years to move forward, but support wanes within the first three months
  • Public dialogue around loss is growing, but 63% of Americans still avoid grief conversations out of worry over saying the wrong thing
  • 58% of Americans say social media has helped them express condolences to people they otherwise wouldn’t have, but many grievers prefer more personal forms of communication
  • Many Americans don’t know where to turn for grief resources, but access to resources and ongoing support can help build resiliency in the face of loss

If your family is in need of assistance with grief counseling, contact the Club at 508-627-3303

Grief is an all too familiar experience for many of the young people we serve. Nearly 1 in 20 children in the U.S. will lose a parent before the age of 16, and the vast majority of children will experience the loss of a family member or friend by the time they complete high school.

The Be There initiative provides trainingsresources and strategies that increase Club’s capacity to support youth who are grieving and helps Clubs develop strong, supportive relationships among four focus areas: youth, staff, families and community.