Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Club located?

The Club is located at 44 Robinson Road, Edgartown, MA 02593

How much does membership cost?

Until June 2021 programming at the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club is free of charge for island kids. Normally, the fee for membership is $20 for the year. The year is from September 1-August 31. Membership includes full access to the After School Program (ASP) at no additional charge. Summer Camp registration is an additional fee and not included within membership. Registration for both the After School Program and Summer Camp is required.

To register for our After School Program (ASP) visit:

To register for Summer Camp visit:

Who can become a member of the Club?

Anyone on the Island who has begun their kindergarten year is eligible to join the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club.

What age range does the Club serve?

The Club serves children from the start of their Kindergarten year through Middle School.

What is the Club's weekly schedule?

The Club is open Monday – Friday, from 2:40pm until 6:00pm

What are the Club's hours of operation?

The After School Program (September-June) hours are from 2:40 PM – 6:00 PM

Summer Camp hours are from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Is the Club open when school is canceled due to snow?

In the event of a snow day, the Club is closed.

Are Club hours adjusted when school is released early?

Please consult our calendar to see adjusted Club hours for early release days.

Does the Club provide a bus service to the After School Program?

Yes, the Club sends school buses to all public elementary schools on the island including the Charter School. The buses pick up the kids at school and bring them back to the Club. However, the buses do not provide transportation home.

Does the Club provide snacks?

The Club does provide healthy snacks to the children daily during both the After School Program and Summer Camp.

How do I register my child as a member?

Follow the link below and complete the application.

Who do I contact for questions & information about the day to day operations of the Club?

The Club’s Program Director, Chris Roberts, is the best person to contact with questions about Club activities & information. He can be reached by telephone at (508) 627-3303 or by email at

Who do I contact for billing questions & information?

For questions or information about billing, it is best to contact our Office Administrator by email at or by telephone at (508) 627-3303

Does the Club accept checks or credit cards for payment?

The Club accepts both checks and credit cards as payment.

What is the Club's telephone number?

The Club telephone number is the best way to contact our staff with questions or concerns: (508) 627-3303

What is the Club's mailing address?

The Club’s mailing address is:

Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

Post Office Box 654

Edgartown, MA


What is the Club's non-profit tax identification number?

The Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club non-profit tax identification number is 04-2104167

What is the Club fax number?

The Club’s fax number is (508) 627-3372.

What is the Club's shipping address?

The Club’s shipping address is:

Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

44 Robinson Road

Edgartown, MA