DIY STEM is a hands-on, activity-based STEM curriculum that connects youth aged 9 -12yrs. to science themes, they encounter regularly. Special attention is paid to connections of theory and application and the common interactions MVBGC members have with these scientific principles. DIY STEM currently includes five modules: Energy and Electricity, Engineering Design, Food Chemistry, Science of Sports: Football.

STEAM adds the arts into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and focuses on using technology to teach art practices, elements, and design principles. Innovation is the difference between simply using technology and taking it beyond the instruction manual to bring ideas to life. MVBGC STEAM program teaches members to take their ideas to the next level, take thoughtful risks, engage in hands-on learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

Now more than ever, youth need digital literacy skills in order to connect with friends and family, learn online, and prepare for great futures. Digital Literacy Essentials activities are engaging and exciting project experiences. They guide youth ages 8-15yrs. to explore digital safety, digital privacy, digital presence, online communication, and retro gaming. Delivered through MyFuture, Digital Literacy Essentials activities allow youth to upload projects, build a digital portfolio, and earn stars and badges.