Youth Development Team

Vitoria DeOliveira
Junior Counselor
Andie Furber
Youth Development Professional- Summer Camp
Gertrude "Trudy" Garvin
Youth Development Professional

Trudy started working at the Club in 2018. She enjoys working with the kids and loves seeing them so happy having a great time, but also acting as a mentor and providing them structure.  Trudy was born on the Island and has lived here full time most of her life. Her maiden name is Vanderhoop and she celebrates her family’s long history on this Island that she loves so much. She has worked with kids from the Wampanoag Tribe After School Program and Turtle Program for almost a decade.  Trudy and her husband have three children and two grandchildren, with another one due soon.  Her children attended the Club and now her grandchildren are Club Kids too!

Brigelle Gibson
Youth Development Professional

Brigelle joined the Club in October 2018 and enjoys her role because she is making a positive impact on children’s lives.  She grew up on the Vineyard and attended MVRHS for one year, the Charter School for one year and graduated through the Rebecca Amos program.  She participated in a variety of athletics including soccer, gymnastics, basketball and softball.  Brigelle has enjoyed working with children her entire life and has been part of various preschool programs.  She is also a licensed nail technician and graduated from the JetBlue University for airport operations management.  When she has free time, she enjoys craft projects, scrapbooking and any outdoor activities.  She has two children who attend the MVBGC and knows first-hand what a life saver it can be for working parents.  It gives them peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe, fun place that is also affordable.        

Harrison Lake
Junior Youth Development Professional- Summer Camp
Chelsea McCarthy
Youth Development Professional, After School Program

Chelsea has been a fan of the Club ever since they awarded her Best Costume on Halloween when she was in 6th grade! As an adult, Chelsea is actively involved in many areas of local theater. Last summer she co-directed the outdoor production of Hamlet for the Martha's Vineyard Playhouse, where she is co-creator of the popular Shakespeare For the Masses series.  She also spent many years as an instructor for The Fourth Grade Theater Project and was assistant director for Mary Poppins at the Oak Bluffs School last fall. Chelsea is in her fourth season costuming the MVRHS show choir - The Minnesingers.  And her fifth season as resident costumer for the MVRHS annual musical, even appearing on stage in their recent As You Like It as Bronco the Wrestler!

Mary S. Meyers
Youth Development Professional, After School Program

Mary joined the Club in September 2017 because she wanted to work with children.   She loves knowing she is part of an organization that provides a safe place for kids where they can be supported and loved.  Mary grew up in Whitman, MA but has lived on the Vineyard for 35 years.  She has worked as a substitute in Oaks Bluffs with the special needs program and The Bridge Program.  She also worked as an assistant in the transportation department of the public schools focusing on children with special needs.  She has been married for 23 years and has 4 beautiful children. 

Danielle Middleton
Junior Counselor
2016 Tisbury School Geography Bee Winner!
Maria Moreira
Youth Development Professional

Maria joined the Club two years ago and loves working here because of the focus on children’s well-being and the care provided to every member at the Martha's Vineyard Boys & Girls.  Maria grew up in Brazil where she attended Catholic University of Paraná specializing in education and technology. She has 28 years of experience as a teacher to students from kindergarten through college level. During school she was a swimmer, and still enjoys swimming, along with photography, film and cooking.

Olivia Nardone
Youth Development Professional, Summer Camp
Caio Proti
Assistant Program Director
Emma Roberts
Youth Development Professional, Summer Camp
Mary Seveland
Youth Development Professional, Art & Garden

Mary has worked at the Club since 1994 as a Lifeguard, Art Instructor & Art Program Director. Before coming to the Club, she worked in numerous museums and community centers, and as a professional artist. In addition to directing the art programs at the Club, Mary started, and continues to maintain, the Club’s gardening program (Positive Sprouts). She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Lynne Silvia
Athletic Coordinator, All-Stars Youth Basketball League
Shukar Stephenson
Youth Development Professional, Summer Camp