Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, and talent.

Learn more about the people behind Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club.

Dhakir Warren

Executive DirectorDhakir@mvbgclub.org 508) 627-3303

Barbara-jean Chauvin

Director of Operations barbara-jean@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Meghan Burke

Administrative Operations Managermeghan@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Stacey Smith

Facilities and Compliance Managerstacey@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Danielle Zukowski

Youth Development ManagerDanielle@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Maria Moreira

Community Engagement Coordinator/ Afterschool Program Support Maria@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Michael Daniel

Athletic Coordinator Michael@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Vitoria Moreira

Social Media Coordinator/Afterschool Program Support Vitoria@mvbgclub.org ( 508) 627-3303

Mary Seveland

Art Program Coordinator Mary@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Anne Nevin

Powerhour/Afterschool Program Support CoordinatorAnne@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303

Donna Lyons

Afterschool Program Coordinator Donna@mvbgclub.org( 508) 627-3303